1989 Porsche 911 Carrera
VIN WP0AB0919KS120865
65,500 miles


 Original Window Sticker

Original Maintenance Book

Original Owners Manual

Some Maintenance Receipts from 1993 and Hand written log from 2001-2006

Original Sales Price $54,972.00


 Three Owner Car


Paint-Guards Red- Code G1G1

Interior-Partial Leather Biege/Black- Code LC

Engine- 64K03671

Gearbox-G50/01 K00996


Original Tool Kit

Original Bilstein Green Dot Jack

Original Vredestein Spare Tire


 Front and Rear Spoilers ( Carrera Tail)

Limited Slip Differential

Heated Seats

Steering Wheel with Raised Hub


This car was purchased by Orbit Car Sales more than 1 year ago with the initial plan to clean up the car, perform a full service, then offer the car for sale.  When we started to look at this car in detail what we found was a very clean, original car that had never been in any major accidents.  There were some stone chips on the front bumper and hood which we decided to paint. The engine was running fine but we thought that it would be nice to remove the engine and gearbox to perform an engine out service and check the clutch.  Honestly, I don't know how this car turned into a project, but we ended up painting/restoring the exterior, rebuilding the engine and gearbox, and performing a complete undercarriage restoration.  Read below for a partial description of the parts and labor that went into this very well prepared 89 911 Carrera.



The 3.2 liter engine is basically a very reliable unit but it is well known that the exhaust valve guides are in need of replacement by 60,000 miles.  Since the rest of the car was in such great condition the initial idea was to give the engine a cosmetic restoration and perform a major service. Eventually we decided to take the engine completely apart for a reseal, and by the time we had the engine completely apart it did not make sense to put back "used" parts. As it ended up we rebuilt this 3.2 liter engine, powder coated the engine tin, replated or replaced all hardware and brackets on the engine, stripped and ceramic powder coated the exhaust, replaced all the fuel lines on the engine and thru-out the car, replaced all the rubber hoses, etc. on top of the engine and much more. Below is a partial list of engine parts that were replaced at time of rebuild.

1. All gaskets, seals, and o-rings replaced.

2. New Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Intermediate shaft bearings.

3.  Connecting Rods rebuilt with Raceware Rod Bolts

4.  New Mahle Pistons and Cylinders

5. Cylinder Heads rebuilt with new valve guides and valve springs.

6.  New timing chains and chain ramps.

7.  All fastners and brackets either replaced or replated.

8.  New fuel lines, oil hoses, vacuum lines replaced thru-out engine.



The five speed gearbox was also completely taken apart for inspection and for parts replacement as required.  Rebuilding gearboxes is something we specialize in at Orbit.  We utilize 30 years of experience and all the Porsche factory tools.  This gearbox was in excellent condition but we decided to replace all the synchro rings, the pinion shaft four-point bearing, the differential side bearings, and all gaskets and seals. When the gearbox was assembled the pinion shaft depth was set, the differential pre-load was set, and the ring gear backlash was set to factory specifications. 


The complete clutch assembly was replaced with an original equipment Sachs unit. Flywheel was resurfaced, new flywheel bolts and new speed and crank sensors.


The brake system was completely rebuilt or  replaced with new parts.

1. ALL brake calipers replaced with NEW brake calipers

2. NEW brake rotors front and rear.

3. NEW front and rear wheel bearings.

4. NEW brake master cylinder and flexible brake lines.


 The complete front and rear suspension was removed from the car. All components were cleaned, inspected and then either reused, reconditioned, or replaced.  The front struts and shocks were replaced, the rear torsion bars rubber bushings were replaced, all hardware replaced or replated, all suspension parts stripped to bare metal and powder coated.


When we received the car it was original paint except for the right quarter panel and the right door.  There were chips on the front bumper, hood and fenders.  The front and rear bumpers had little scratches in them that would not buff out.  It was decided that the next owner would be much happier if he did not have to paint the car so we decided to paint the front of the car, the left door and the bumpers.  All the exterior parts were removed so there is no overspray on any of the parts.  Many of the rubber seals and exterior trim pieces were replaced. It is a large job to take apart a car and repaint it, you will be very happy with the paint on this 27 year old car.


The real story about this car is that we went way too far with trying to make everything look like new again.  The problem is when you replace or clean one part, everypart next to it looks bad.  We were on a slippery slope and it was hard to stop cleaning or buying new parts.  It got so crazy that at the very end I decided to replace the front windscreen because it had a few stone chips in it and did not look good enough. 


Rodger Hawley
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